• 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt


  • Formulation rich in mineral trace elements
  • Enhance animal’s appetite and digestibility
  • Strengthen animal’s immune system
  • Optimize rumen fermentation
  • Restore salt deficiency caused by sweating especially in hot climates
  • Decrease animal’s stressful behaviors such as chewing of fences, plastics, stones and cement constructions
  • Result to increased farm efficiency & productivity

  • Nutrition Facts

    What is improving



    Cobalt has only one known function, which is a constituent of vitamin B12. Cobalt is required for rumen microbes to synthesize vitamin B12. Deficiency symptoms are easily confused with gross malnutrition or starvation.


    Iron is essential for a wide variety of the metabolic processes of living organisms, due to its chemical transitional property. Iron is present in the different forms of heme and the iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster binding protein, which plays an important role in various enzymatic reactions such as aerobic respiration, TCA-cycle function and DNA synthesis as well as oxygen transport and storage. It is a substantial component of red blood cells participating to the blood's structure and improves the functioning of organs and tissues.



    Sodium is a macro element absolutely necessary for the correct body operation and function of every living creature. It is the principal cation (positive ion) of the extracellular fluids, where it is usually in combination with the chloride anion (negative ion) forming sodium chloride. Sodium is indispensable for the regulation of acid base balance and osmotic pressure. Its other main role is maintaining the membrane potential in nerve and muscle tissues thereby facilitating the generation and transmission of electrical impulses. It is met in all body's soft tissues and in all its liquids playing a lead role to the conveying of nervous stimulations and the sugar and amino acids absorption by the digestive system, controlling water balance and improving animal’s appetite.


    Calcium is the main component of bones and teeth. It has chief metabolic functions in the animal bodies and is also essential for muscle activity, skeleton, blood clotting, nerve transmission and dynamics of enzyme function. Calcium metabolism at calving is one of the most important animal health factors influencing the production, reproduction and feed conversion efficiency as it plays a major role in the absorption of nutrients (modification of the cell permeability) .

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    Zinc is an essential nutrient for animals, functioning in enzyme systems and being involved in protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, and many other biochemical reactions. A severe zinc deficiency causes numerous pathological changes, including skin parakeratosis, reduced or cessation of growth, general debility, lethargy, and increased susceptibility to infection.


    Manganese is concentrated in the animal bones. It is an important cofactor for many enzymes involved in energy and protein metabolism. Mn is also required for mucopolysaccharide synthesis. This is a major component in the organic matrix of bones. Consequently, deficient animals have normal tendon growth but slow bone growth. This leads to symptoms such as perosis in chicks and crooked calf in other animals.



    Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heartbeat steady, and helps bones remain strong. It also helps adjust blood glucose levels. It aids in the production of energy and protein, improves the digestibility of feed and improves the reproduction.

    More Information

    1More about Himalayan Salt
    It was the ancient Greeks who first extolled the advantages and the vital virtues of salt, not only to humans but to animals as well. For thousands years over the centuries it has been known that all kinds of animals, domestic and wild, need salt just as much as humans do. Early explorers in North America , Asia and Africa had observed scenes of grazing animals traveling to salt springs or to salt deposits to satisfy their ravenous appetites for salt. It has also been recorder that animals deprived of salt can appear an unusual behavior or even face a mortality danger if they cannot obtain it. Salt is provided by nature in several forms such as, the most commonly used Sea salt but also a well known form, the Rock salt, one type of this category being the Himalayan salt which in a pure form is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This natural source of Rock Salt is consisted of more than 80 mineral trace elements resulting, apart from their nutritional value, to its extreme hardness offering it at the same time a natural pink/red color. S.I.N. HELLAS newly developed Himalayan Salt Licking Blocks are not only a perfect choice in terms of hardness, weather/water proof level and slowly consuming grade but also in terms of a high value nutritional supplement rich in organic and mineral concentration, which has been formed in a period of over 250 million years ago as a direct result of massive geological changes and earthquakes that trapped ancient oceans beneath the earth’s surface. These trapped oceans, over this long time period crystallized and formed Rock Salt which we developed into a supplementary product to cover varied dietary needs of all livestock. S,I,N, HELLAS Himalayan Salt Licking Blocks are 100% natural products created for all livestock such as sheep and goats, cattle, cows, buffalo, horses, wild animals, camels, pigs, pets e. t. c. As mentioned above they contain more than 80 mineral trace elements that are essential for all livestock and for all their life stages. They form a convenient and ideal source of bioenergetics resources for all livestock.

    Suitable for

    Sheep, Goats, Dairy Cows, Dry Cows, Cattle / Ceef, Horse, Camel, Wild / Prey

    Available in:


    5kg block

    5kg blocks wrapped in plastic film

    10kg block

    10kg blocks wrapped in plastic film with handle