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NutriCalf Regular is a milk replacer for older calves (recommended from 21 days of age). This is a milk replacer prepared according to the classic, time-tested recipe which has fulfilled expectations. This milk replacer is the irreplaceable product for weaning calves. Great price-quality ratio. NutriCalf Regular contains a well-balanced proportion of plant and animal proteins ensuring a high-quality source of protein. Fiber contained in NutriCalf Regular improves digestion, maintains normal gut microbiota. Oligosaccharides found in fiber are prebiotics serving as nutrients for probiotic bacteria preventing the development of dysbiosis. NutriCalf Regular milk replacer is free of stabilizers and allergens that may have a negative impact on the health of calves.


Whey Powder,Soya Flour,,Whey Protein,Fat Filled Whey Powder,Whey Permeate,Calcium Carbonate,Vitamins,Vanilla Aroma

Feeding Recomendations

Depending on calf's age 125-140g of the milk replacer should be dissolved in 1 liter of water at 50°C (1kg of product/7-8l of water)

Nutrition Facts

Suitable for

Dairy Cow,Cattle/Beef

sin hellas

Available In:

Paper Bag

25Kg Paper Bag

Mini Packs

Aluminium Mini Packs

bonilait mini packs

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