• High Quality Milk Replacer!


• Optimal protein combination with highly digestible milk protein • Additional safety due to the combination of two probiotic systems • Excellent digestibility for best daily weight gains • Suitable for automatic feeders • BEWITAL-Vitality-System (BVS 2.0) supports the immune system


Whey protein, whey powder, partly delactosed vegetable oil (palm/coco ref.), wheat protein, hydrolyzed; wheat starch pregel, dextrose

Feeding Recomendations

Dissolve 140 – 160 g milk replacer per liter of warm water (max. 45 °C) completely.In case of intensive rearing and in the winter months use 160 g per liter.

Nutrition Facts

Suitable for


bewital center

Available In:

Paper Bag

25Kg Paper Bag

Mini Packs

Aluminium Mini Packs

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