• Healthy Growth of Horn Tissue in Feet and Wool
  • Improvement of the animal's Immunity System
  • Mastitis Preventation
  • Improvement of Feed Intake Thus Higher Growth and Thrive


Due to their special composition rich in Zinc, Cobalt and Selenium, these blocks are an ideal solution fro preventing muscular diseases, while at the same time they act positively to strong and healthy growth of the hoofs and to a high quality skin and wool.

They also act helpfully to the production of B12 Vitamin which is needed for the metabolism of the food in rumen.

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Nutrition Facts


Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Organic (Biological) Molasses


What is improving

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Zinc is an essential nutrient for animals, functioning in enzyme systems and being involved in protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, and many other biochemical reactions. A severe zinc deficiency causes numerous pathological changes, including skin parakeratosis, reduced or cessation of growth, general debility, lethargy, and increased susceptibility to infection.


Cobalt has only one known function, which is a constituent of vitamin B12. Cobalt is required for rumen microbes to synthesize vitamin B12. Deficiency symptoms are easily confused with gross malnutrition or starvation.



Iron is essential for a wide variety of the metabolic processes of living organisms, due to its chemical transitional property. Iron is present in the different forms of heme and the iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster binding protein, which plays an important role in various enzymatic reactions such as aerobic respiration, TCA-cycle function and DNA synthesis as well as oxygen transport and storage. It is a substantial component of red blood cells participating to the blood's structure and improves the functioning of organs and tissues.


Calcium is the main component of bones and teeth. It has chief metabolic functions in the animal bodies and is also essential for muscle activity, skeleton, blood clotting, nerve transmission and dynamics of enzyme function. Calcium metabolism at calving is one of the most important animal health factors influencing the production, reproduction and feed conversion efficiency as it plays a major role in the absorption of nutrients (modification of the cell permeability) .



Sodium is a macro element absolutely necessary for the correct body operation and function of every living creature. It is the principal cation (positive ion) of the extracellular fluids, where it is usually in combination with the chloride anion (negative ion) forming sodium chloride. Sodium is indispensable for the regulation of acid base balance and osmotic pressure. Its other main role is maintaining the membrane potential in nerve and muscle tissues thereby facilitating the generation and transmission of electrical impulses. It is met in all body's soft tissues and in all its liquids playing a lead role to the conveying of nervous stimulations and the sugar and amino acids absorption by the digestive system, controlling water balance and improving animal’s appetite.


Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme for the removal of lipid peroxides. Selenium is very important in fertility and helps muscular development. Se is also a component of two other selenoproteins. The midpiece of sperm requires selenoprotein. Microbes in the rumen replace S with Se in their S-containing amino acid synthesis. They are absorbed in the duodenum as amino acids. White muscle disease and exudative diathesis are two Se deficiency symptoms, which can be treated with both vitamin E and Se. Deficient animals also show liver necrosis. Selenium prevents oxidative damage to tissues by offering an antioxidant action and protects against cell damage.


Product Case Study

1What Zinc is?
ZINC is a necessary trace element for the correct growth and good health of all animals , with a great dispersion in their body. It is a structural element of several enzymes and acts also as metal-enzymes activator . By participating to the proteins, carbohydrates and fats metabolism, it plays a significant role to growth, reproduction, blood and bones forming, as well as to DNA and RNA composition. Zinc deficiency affects mainly keratinogenesis, ossification and reproduction by causing growth inhibition, decreased food convertibility, thinning and decreased serum development, anomalous keratin formation ( hooves ) resulting in the emergence of diseases such as pediculitis, restriction or even disruption of oesicular cycle in females, restriction or even disruption of spermatogenesis and desire for coupling, to males and reduced immune system function.
2What is the use of Selenium?
SELENIUM participates in the forming and structure of an enzyme ( glutathione peroxidase ) which together with another enzyme ( desmoutasi peroxidase ), catalasi, β-carotene , Vitamin E and other compounds, consist the cells defense line against oxidizing agents by destroying the formulated hyper oxides before they manage to cause damage and destruction of cell membranes. Low Selenium and/or Vitamin E content ration simultaneously with the presence of unsaturated fatty acids which easily give lipid peroxides, are the causes for the creation of the serious ruminants' disease known as "muscular dystrophy" or "white muscular disease".
3What is the use of Cobalt?
A necessary ingredient for the composition of Vitamin B12 is COBALT. The composition of Vitamin B12 in ruminants is done from the organisms of the large ventricle and it is involved also in the Propionate Acid metabolism, thus a sufficient quantity is reduced when in the ration compound feeds are participating in big volumes. COBALT deficiency causes B 12 under vitamination symptoms such as loss of appetite, (anorexia), anemia and fatal degeneration of the liver. Loss of appetite is due to the body's inability to metabolize propionic acid.
4Why to choose Zincoblock?
ZINCOBLOCK licking block offers all the above three so important elements in its formulation. Its consumption by the animals helps reproduction , offers a boosting to the animals' immune system and also helps preventing pedodermitis.

Suitable for

Sheep, Goats, Dairy Cows, Dry Cows, Cattle / Beef, Horse

Available Colors


Box of 8pcs x 3kg

3kg blocks wrapped in plastic film in box of 8pcs x 3kg

Box of 4pcs x 5kg

5kg blocks wrapped in plastic film in box of 4pcs x 5kg

10kg block

10kg blocks wreapped in plastic film with handle

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