• Vodor TA&Vodor ONE Milk Replacers are special formulations of milk ingredients and essential nutrients with high solubility careffuly balanced to promote lean gain in calves.They contain products of vegetable oils for excellent performance and high value of vegetable fat.


  • Full milk protein and high level of fat.
  • Contains full supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Rapid Growth and Immune system development.
  • Improvement of the Immune System.
  • Great taste and Flavor.
  • Guarranty and stability quality
  • High Digestible because of the high milk fat contains.
  • Provides extra energy for consintent growth.
  • sin hellas


    Whey Powder,Palm Oil,Wheat Gluten,Coco Oil,Soya Protein Concentrate,Inactivate Yeast extract,Wheat Flour,Pea Flour,Delactosed Whey

    Feeding Recomendations

  • 1Kg of milk replacer should be dissolved in 7 liter of water at 50°C

  • Nutrition Facts

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    Available In:

    Paper Bag

    25Kg Paper Bag

    Mini Packs

    Aluminium Mini Packs

    bonilait mini packs

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