• A unique Formulation of Soda & Magnesium!
  • Packed in paper bags of 25kg
  • Available also in PLASTIC BUCKET of 20kg with handle for easy carrying


  • Reduces the symptoms of Metabolic Acidosis (Maintains Optimum pH in the rumen).
  • Reduces the incidence of other Metabolic Disorders.
  • Increases milk production.
  • Increases the milk’s fat contents.
  • Improves digestibility
  • Protection against grass staggers
  • Dosage

  • Sheep & Goats : 0,5 - 1%
  • Cattle : 1,5 - 2%
  • Poultry : 0,5%
  • Pigs : 0,5 - 1 %

  • Nutrition Facts

    What is improving


    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium is a macro element absolutely necessary for the correct body operation and function of every living creature. It is the principal cation (positive ion) of the extracellular fluids, where it is usually in combination with the chloride anion (negative ion) forming sodium chloride. Sodium is indispensable for the regulation of acid base balance and osmotic pressure. Its other main role is maintaining the membrane potential in nerve and muscle tissues thereby facilitating the generation and transmission of electrical impulses. It is met in all body's soft tissues and in all its liquids playing a lead role to the conveying of nervous stimulations and the sugar and amino acids absorption by the digestive system, controlling water balance and improving animal’s appetite.


    Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heartbeat steady, and helps bones remain strong. It also helps adjust blood glucose levels. It aids in the production of energy and protein, improves the digestibility of feed and improves the reproduction.

    Suitable for

    Sheep, Goats, Dairy Cows, Dry Cows, Cattle / Beef, Pig, Camel, Wild / Prey


    Plastic Bucket

    20kg Plastic bucket

    Paper Bag

    25kg Paper Bag