• High Quality Milk Replacer!


NutriLamb is a milk replacer for lambs to be used after colostrum feeding, i.e., from 4 days of age. This product is made of 95 % dairy products, of which 40% is skimmed milk powder. The proportion of plant and animal protein in NutriLamb is well-balanced providing a high-quality source of protein for lambs. Coconut and palm oils boost the immune system, suppress the growth of bacteria that can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract, help absorb nutrients and improve appetite. The product also contains immunity strengthening complex „BioPlus® YC“. This feed additive provides gut microbiota with probiotic bacteria.


Skimmed Milk Powder 40%,Whey Powder,Fat Filled Whey Powder(palm,coconut),Whey protein concentraite,Hydrolyzed wheat gluten,Vitamins,Soya Protein Concentrate,Vanilla Aroma.

Feeding Recomendations

Depending on lamb's age 200g of the milk replacer should be dissolved in 1 liter of water at 50°C (1kg of product/7-8l of water)

Nutrition Facts

Suitable for

Lambs, Goats

sin hellas


Paper Bag

25Kg Paper Bag

Mini Packs

Aluminium Mini Packs

litamilk mini packs

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