• Covering the animals' needs in Sodium
  • Improvement of the animals' appetite and muscles and nerves operation


Enriches the animal's daily ratio in Na and CI,which are necessary as buffler regulation of acid base balance of ruminant.Deficiency of Na can lead to reduced feed intake and depressed production.Thus MEDITERRAN offers a great help to animal's productivity.

Nutrition Facts


Sodium Chloride, Organic (Biological) Molasses

What is improving



Sodium is a macro element absolutely necessary for the correct body operation and function of every living creature. It is the principal cation (positive ion) of the extracellular fluids, where it is usually in combination with the chloride anion (negative ion) forming sodium chloride. Sodium is indispensable for the regulation of acid base balance and osmotic pressure. Its other main role is maintaining the membrane potential in nerve and muscle tissues thereby facilitating the generation and transmission of electrical impulses. It is met in all body's soft tissues and in all its liquids playing a lead role to the conveying of nervous stimulations and the sugar and amino acids absorption by the digestive system, controlling water balance and improving animal’s appetite.

Case Study

1The Role of Salt in animals' Nutrition

SALT ....The Source Of Life.....!!!

  • Salt, a so common but yet so vital ingredient in nature for every living creature....!!!
  • SALT is consisted of two elements, Na and Cl, at a ratio of approximately 40% of Sodium ( Na ) and 60% of Chloride ( Cl ), which are the main cations and anions of extra cellular liquids and by which the intercellular exchange and distribution of water throughout the organism is ensured.
  • Salt is a very important and essential mineral in diet, resulting to strong muscles and correct functioning of the central nervous system. It is the only food ( along with water ) for which animals have a specific appetite, which means that they are capable of adapting their consumption to their needs. It maintains a good acid and fluid balance, supporting also the intestinal flora, which results in a better digestion.
  • As salt incorporates the roles of Sodium and Chloride, it acts as a vital nutrient and ensures the temperature regulation in the body, encourages appetite in animals, acting on the production of saliva which is required for the roughage's digestion and for the stabilization of the rumen's pH ( acidity level ), which results to the animal's protection against rumen acidosis. It regulates the consumption of water and of dry matter, thus positively results to its appetite, milk production levels, promoting better growth, fertility and health.
  • Animals need salt for good health and high production.!!!
  • But salt needs may be different for every animal for every day and for every different stage of its life. The amount of salt which an animal needs depends on its individual differences such as age, breed, weight and production status, but also on external factors such as feeding status, environmental and weather conditions e. t. c.
  • The vegetable origin animal feeds are in general quite poor in Sodium and thus the animal's body needs in Sodium cannot be covered from feeding out in the pasture or inside the barn. Consequently the daily supplementation of Sodium but also of Chloride in the form of common salt is regarded necessary for the covering of animals' needs in these elements.
  • 2How can we know,how much salt animals need?
  • Ηow can we be sure that every individual animal gets the right amount of salt for a high productivity level and for its good health ??? The Total Mixed Ration is not fully correct every day and for all the animals.
  • And how we could adjust it according to changes in the kind of roughage used or in the changing environmental conditions ???
  • How can we know for sure how much salt animals need when they are fed with different kinds of feeds in regard to their salt content, or when the environmental temperature rises or dropping ???
  • So, the animals guided by nature, instinctively search for salt, but in most of the cases they cannot find it easily. Although salt is usually added to the daily ratio, it is very important that the animal has additional free access to salt so it can cover its individual salt needs in a free will way, for this reason, we people have created the perfect solution for covering all animals salt needs in the safest and most efficient way: we have invented the SALT LICKING BLOCKS which act as a FREE ACCESS AND FREE WILL SALT SUPPLY and we let the animals choose to intake as much as they need by themselves.
  • As long as the animals have a free access to salt, they will consume the exact amount by adapting their consumption to their needs . There is therefore no risk of waste, under - feeding or loss, because the salt is provided in a solid form.
  • S.I.N. HELLAS salt licking blocks safely supply the animals' individual salt requirements and additionally supplement their trace elements, minerals and vitamins requirements.
  • As the animal's requirement for salt is a permanent need, a specially chosen licking block from S.I.N. HELLAS big range of products, should be distributed as a FREE ACCESS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT in a sufficient number throughout the year, whether the animals are in stalls or out to the pasture.
  • S.I.N. HELLAS licking blocks will stimulate the natural behavior of finding and licking salt, so a free access of the animals to the licking blocks should be ensured at any time.
  • MEDITERRAN licking block acts as the ideal salt supply to the basic daily ration as it contains high quality, pure, Natural Mediterranean Sea Salt, naturally Iodized and dried by the Mediterranean sun, with purity up to 99.9% in Sodium Chloride, offering to the animal 39%-40% Sodium and of which can be used for all livestock.
  • As an absolutely Natural product it can also be used in ORGANIC, ( BIO ) farming.
  • Suitable for

    Sheep, Goats, Dairy Cows, Dry Cows, Cattle / Beef, Horse, Camel, Wild / Prey

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    Box of 8pcs x 3kg

    3kg blocks wrapped in plastic film in box of 8pcs x 3kg.

    Box of 4pcs x 5kg

    5kg blocks wrapped in plastic film in box of 4pcs x 5kg.

    10kg block

    10kg blocks wrapped in plastic film with handling

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